Hello! I'm Blair, the founder of Macra Madam, as well as a mom, wife, and full time Project Manager by day. 

Macra Madam was established in early 2020, born out of the downtime that the COVID-19 quarantine provided. The skills I learned as a kid at summer camp making friendship bracelet after friendship bracelet translated perfectly into a plant hanger. After realizing that knotting was extremely therapeutic and scratched that "idle hands" itch, I became a knotting machine! My creations had my friends reaching out for their own plant hangers, which led to pop-ups and local markets. The rest is history! 

Every piece is made with recycled cotton cord, and is what I like to call "very handmade," meaning that no two pieces are truly alike! My goal is for you to feel the love I put into each piece, and for my fiber art creations to bring joy to your home. 

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